Visit the Great State of Texas!

Planning a trip for the entire family? Then you just did yourself a huge favor by wanting to read this because in this short piece, we’ve highlighted the top three vacation spots you should visit in Texas.

South Padre Island

There are numerous hotels and large condos for families to stay in, regardless of the sizes, and most of the hotels are within walking distance to the white-sandy beaches.

How amazing is that? The ocean comes with a range of activities, like jet skiing, surfing, fishing, and dolphin watching. If you want activities that require more energy, check the Schlitterbahn out, it is a huge water and amusement park featuring rides, slides, eateries and on-site lodging


Now, we think we should start finding out what isn’t there to do in Dallas because it seems a lot like you can do virtually anything there. This large city has everything a visitor wants, from the theme parks to amazing shopping centers, to any type of restaurant you could ever imagine.

Six Flags Over Texas is a totally fun day trip with roller coasters, arcade games for all ages, and fair treats. If you need to relax after some days of energy-exhausting activities, go on a picnic to Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, there are over 66 acres to explore and a kid-sized village too.

San Antonio, Texas

When you get to San Antonio, begin your vacation by taking a leisurely trip downstream on one of the numerous boats on the San Antonio Riverwalk, then take a stop by at one of the bordering restaurants to enjoy an original Tex-Mex meal. You can also catch a Spurs basketball game at the AT&T Center, or check out the DoSeum, which is an interactive kid’s museum.

The Alamo is also an amazing place to explore and to soak in some knowledge about Texas history. You’ll also find some unique attractions in San Antonio, you and your family can go on a 400-acre safari at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch; you can also dine and get a wholesome view of the city from 750 ft. high at the Tower of the Americas.



Cruise to Alaska!

Being one of the most popular cruising destinations, a cruise to Alaska is the perfect way to escape from the hustle bustle city life or to experience the best of Alaska. It hardly matters which Alaska cruise line you choose, you’ll have the widest opportunities to witness wonderful wildlife, stunning landscapes, head to the skies for gorgeous vistas or learn about Native Alaskan culture.

If you have the enough time and budget, we advise you to duo your Alaska cruise with a land based tour for an inclusive Alaska experience.

What is the best time to Cruise to Alaska

Generally, the Alaska cruise season starts in May and ends in September and July and August is going to be peak season, so if you want to avoid the crowd visit in late May to early June or late August to early September.

Why to Choose Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise offers an amazing experience of a lifetime with its cruise to Alaska. The main tourist attractions of the Royal Caribbean cruise destination incorporate climbing through icy cascades or rainforests in Juneau, witnessing tremendous ice fields by helicopter, wildlife travels by sailboat, guided mountain bicycle visits through the Passage of Ketchikan and hustling crosswise over icy masses by dog sled.

Juneau, the most beautiful area in the America also top of the list of one of the most famous places that Royal Caribbean Cruise visits amid the visit. You can walk off outside the city to sight the wilderness of Alaska from a closer point of view. Another delight to eye on this Royal Caribbean cruise option is Hubbard Glacier. A standout amongst the most active glaciers in the planet, it is spectacular at 1350 feet.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise generally departs from the Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC and Seward, Alaska! Alongside where you decide to start the cruise, make sure to consider how long you would like to be at sea. Royal Caribbean offers amazing deals on both land and sea packages apart from this, you will get amazing deals on seven-night Alaska cruises that include your lodging, dining, entertainment and much more.

What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise

Make sure to pack comfortable hiking boots and walking shoes for trips ashore. Apart from comfortable shoes don’t forget to pack evening dresses, and casual clothes, for during the day on board the ship. We advise you to bring some warm clothes, a windbreaker, a raincoat and a warm jacket with you. If you love swimming, bring a swimsuit.

A high quality camera with extra memory and a pair of binoculars are also highly suggested in this part of the world. If not, take a seat and let Royal Caribbean Cruise satisfy of a incredible holiday to Alaska and have the best time of your life.

If you consider to decide a cruise for your next escape, why not book your itinerary at one of the many Alaskan cruises available. You will get an unconquerable trip loaded with adventure, grace and excitement.

Have a Blast in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is home to a large percentage of the friendliest people in Canada, even the locals boast about this. Now, imagine the kindness of the inhabitants with more than 100 beaches, lighthouses, seafood that will make you salivate, a marvelous coastline, great sailing and so on; totally incredible, yes? These are some of the things that make Nova Scotia a favorite on most travelers’ list.

Top Things to See and Do

  1. Hike the Skyline Trail: This is about seven miles in length; you can have this hiking experience either in the afternoon alone or an outing that will last the whole day. It has some incredible views of the bay, and you’ll sometimes come across moose on the way.
  2. Alexander Keith’s Brewery: You can tour this local brewery or just simply let the animators entertain you in their costumes from 1863. You should try the stout here; it is one of the best breweries in the locale.
  3. Point Pleasant Park: Have a calm day here with an amazing view of the magnificent ocean. The park is great for picnic. There are various walking paths for running, rollerblading and walking of course. Locals never miss this place when the weather is friendly.
  4. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse: The lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove is popular for being one of the most beautiful in the world. If you’ve ever seen a typical lighthouse, you’ll know what to expect from Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse.
  5. The Cabot Trail: This is one of the most spectacular ocean drives in North America. It loops around Cape Breton Island, passing through Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
  6. There are some other things to see and do in Nova Scotia, they include:-Kayaking the North River: you can get an enjoyable half-day kayak tour for like 80 CAD

    -Attend a summer concert

    -Go to the Wolfville Farmer’s Market

    -Visit Upper Clemens Park with your kids

    -Go whale watching

    -Visit New Brunswick or P.E.i

    -Visit Maritime Museum of the Atlantic etc.

Seeing the Luck of the Irish First Hand

We are about to get you ready for an amazing, unforgettable and incredible adventure with our Ireland hiking tips. So, are you ready for it? Let’s go!


Rule number one when making plans to hike is to prepare for the weather, whether Ireland or any other intended destination in the world.

What we recommend you do is to check the average temperature and rainfall while making your plans for the trip. Also, you should confirm the weather forecast a week before traveling down there so you can adjust the things you are going to pack for the trip.

Bringing waterproof and windproof equipment is quite important (particularly jacket, quick drying trousers or light waterproof pants). Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots are also important because some routes can become swampy or muddy. Do not forget your sunblock- it is useful for both sunny and windy days.

Ideally, hiking is best in Ireland during Spring to Autumn as Ireland enjoys long summer days and short winter days.

Trail Markings

Most of the routes recommended for hiking are properly marked and you’ll find a yellow walking man and an arrow on the signs to guide your ways. Always hold your maps and walking notes with you for moments when you are unsure of what route to take.

Essential Items

Aside from comfortable clothing and shoes that were mentioned above, there are some items or equipment you might need during your hiking holiday. Some of them are- hiking poles (if you are used to them), a backpack for your essentials such food, water, phone, camera, and wallet. A sun cap or wooly hat should be in your backpack too, same as hand gloves (in Spring and Autumn).

Farm Life

Most of the routes require passing across or near a private farmland, so you’ll likely encounter a flock of sheep and some other farm animals like cows or horses. So, always make the effort to close the gate behind you if you pass through any, in order to be in the farmers’ good books.

Here is a quick tip: f you check your walking notes to see if you’ll be passing villages or towns where you might get food and can’t find any, always pack a picnic to keep you going for your daily journey.

With these few tips in this hiking guide for Ireland, rest assured that you are covered during your vacation (if you follow them of course).