Seeing the Luck of the Irish First Hand

We are about to get you ready for an amazing, unforgettable and incredible adventure with our Ireland hiking tips. So, are you ready for it? Let’s go!


Rule number one when making plans to hike is to prepare for the weather, whether Ireland or any other intended destination in the world.

What we recommend you do is to check the average temperature and rainfall while making your plans for the trip. Also, you should confirm the weather forecast a week before traveling down there so you can adjust the things you are going to pack for the trip.

Bringing waterproof and windproof equipment is quite important (particularly jacket, quick drying trousers or light waterproof pants). Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots are also important because some routes can become swampy or muddy. Do not forget your sunblock- it is useful for both sunny and windy days.

Ideally, hiking is best in Ireland during Spring to Autumn as Ireland enjoys long summer days and short winter days.

Trail Markings

Most of the routes recommended for hiking are properly marked and you’ll find a yellow walking man and an arrow on the signs to guide your ways. Always hold your maps and walking notes with you for moments when you are unsure of what route to take.

Essential Items

Aside from comfortable clothing and shoes that were mentioned above, there are some items or equipment you might need during your hiking holiday. Some of them are- hiking poles (if you are used to them), a backpack for your essentials such food, water, phone, camera, and wallet. A sun cap or wooly hat should be in your backpack too, same as hand gloves (in Spring and Autumn).

Farm Life

Most of the routes require passing across or near a private farmland, so you’ll likely encounter a flock of sheep and some other farm animals like cows or horses. So, always make the effort to close the gate behind you if you pass through any, in order to be in the farmers’ good books.

Here is a quick tip: f you check your walking notes to see if you’ll be passing villages or towns where you might get food and can’t find any, always pack a picnic to keep you going for your daily journey.

With these few tips in this hiking guide for Ireland, rest assured that you are covered during your vacation (if you follow them of course).